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How to Insert Your AI-Mascot to Presentation Slides

For some businesses, a mascot is equal to their brand identity. Imagine it as a logo, you might also need to incorporate your mascot on your presentation slides. Unlike your regular mascot, your AI mascots will help you drive attention and retention with its animated feature.

1. Export your AI-mascot

After you are finished with creating your animated mascot according to your needs and liking, proceed to export.

If you want to use transparent background animation for your presentation slide, you need to export your AI-mascot to GIF format. Since GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, the audio will be included separately in an MP3 document.

When to export without audio

If you only want to feature your animated mascot as a decoration or to serve a visual purpose for your presentation slide, using GIF format only is recommended.

When to export with audio

If you want to feature the message that is dubbed to your animated mascot, you will need the audio file of your mascot. Therefore exporting with MP3 audio file is recommended. But you need to keep in mind that GIF will be played automatically on the loop when the presentation slide is opened. You can set the audio to be played automatically on the loop as well to match the graphics.

2. Upload your AI-mascot to your favorite presentation tool

[Google Slide is used to showcase the example. However, this method is also applicable for Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint ]

If you export your mascot in a GIF format, you will then be uploading an image to your presentation slide. If you want to add the audio, insert the MP3 file along to the slide.

3. Your AI-Mascots ready to shine!

Drop and arrange the file of your AI-mascots to your presentation slide for the final touch before showing it to the world!

Enjoy the process of exploring the limit of your AI-mascot!

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