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GliaStar helps you optimize mascots performance by bringing it to life. Utilize AI to enable the automation and make your brand character outstanding with animation. Scalable and affordable solution to animate mascots!

3D Modeling
3D Modeling for AI Integration
Design to build your brand mascot. Two weeks is all you need to produce character than can be auto-animated in minutes with GliaStar.
What's included?
  • Digital file of the 2D or 3D Mascot
  • Customized body gestures and facial expressions based on the character's personality.
  • Implementation of AI integration to the character with a wide range of body gestures and facial expressions to enable automatic creations of high-quality animation.
Available for add-ons
  • Seasonal character properties and accessories

How to Build Your Auto-Animation

Character Development

Provide the 2D or 3D character to be animated. Human-like, animal, or object type of character are supported. 

Character Animated

Within 14-days, your character will be integrated with AI to automatically generate animation from text.

GliaStar AI Auto-Animation
Animate your character at scale with GliaStar Animation Creation. Supported with various comprehensive technology to animate your character, simply insert your text to produce your animation.

Pick Your Star

Type Your Message

Animated-Mascot Ready

Put your AI-integrated star into action 

Insert the text script that will be narrated by your character

Within minutes, your character is animated and ready to use


Available in

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GliaStar Video Creation

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GliaStar API

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GliaStar SDK

Auto Animation
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