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Case Introduction of The 2020 Asian Data Innovation Challenge Invincible Awardee (Taiwan)

[English Translation - Access the original article in Chinese here]

2020 Asia Data Innovation Application Challenge-Winner of Taiwan Invincible Award.

GliaStar by GliaCloud is an artificial intelligence video and audio automatic production platform

Official website:

The Taiwan team "GliaCloud" uses the unemployment rate of the Ministry of Labor, the employment service of Taichung City, and the employment opening data of Japan and South Korea. GliaCloud utilizes its own developed AI technology to analyze and organize the data. The data is brought into the story context through virtual characters. Convey the meaning of the information to make it easier for people to understand trends of the job market across countries.

Use information:

1. Labor Force Participation Rate by Educational Attainment (Taiwan)

2. Employed Persons by Industry (Taiwan)

3. Employed Persons by Occupation (Taiwan)

4. Unemployment Rate by Educational Attainment (Taiwan)

5. Unemployed Persons, by Reason, Why in Unemployment (Taiwan)

6. Taichung City Employment Service's job search, job search and recommendation. Number of employees-by occupation (Taiwan)

7. Population of 15 Years Old and Over by Sex, Labour Force Status, and Education (Japan)

8. Employed Persons by Major Industry (Japan)

9. Persons Engage in Work by Sex, Status Employment, and Occupation (Japan)

10. Employed persons by gender/education attainment (Korea)

11. Employed persons by gender/occupation (Korea)

12. Employed persons by gender/industry (Korea)

13. Unemployed persons by gender/educatio

n attainment (Korea)

14. Tourist Statistics of Major Tourist Attractions (Taiwan)

15. Inbound visitors (Taiwan)

16. Monthly Statistics of Tourism (South Korea)

17. Statistics of places visited in Seoul during a trip to Seoul (by country of residence) (Korea)

18. Foreign tourists visiting Japan each year (Japan)

19. International Visitor Survey (Japan)

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