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Taiwan, Japan and South Korea Decisively Battle In The Asian Open Data Innovation Application Arena

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▲"Asian Data Innovation and Application Challenge" successfully concluded (Photo: provided by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs)

In order to promote cross-border data applications in Asia and promote the development and cooperation of the international data economy, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea jointly held the "Asia Open Data Challenge" yesterday (28/08). This event is co-organized by open data promotion units in various countries, including the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Japan Utilization? Local Creation Promotion Agency (VLED), Korea Information Technology Promotion Agency Open Data Center (NIA), and 16 teams selected by each country. , Conduct the finals and awards ceremony through international video. This year's theme is "Smart Life". The competition team must integrate data from different countries, tap the value of the data, propose creative solutions, and strive to present bright spots in the venue, and interact with other teams.

Chen Guo Xuan, deputy head of the Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said in a speech that Asian countries have similar transportation, climate, and geographic environment problems. This solution integrating multi-national data will not only bring benefits to the public, but also has high commercial value. . This year's competition is entering its sixth year. In order to encourage the use of cross-border data, we also provide an "Asian-themed data platform" for data from various countries to further enhance the future commercial value of this competition. In the future, we will also provide award-winning teams from Taiwan, Japan and South Korea to join overseas expansion. Join the ranks to create business opportunities for transnational cooperation. In his speech, Peng Qi Ming, the chairman of the Open Data Alliance, said that the data economy is a major issue for Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. The young generation can use open data from Asian countries through competitions to create innovative applications and business opportunities that contribute to society. .

Japan and South Korea are still affected by the epidemic, so Japan/Japan is flexibly used. Representatives of the Local Innovation Promotion Agency (VLED) and the Open Data Center (NIA) of the Korea Information Technology Promotion Agency said in their speeches that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the lifestyles of people around the world. In such a difficult time, continuous application of transnational data , Reduce the fear of the people, and create a new data economy.

After a day of wonderful announcements, the three countries selected the Invincible Overlord Award, Enterprise Special Award, Transnational Popularity Award, Commercial Application Special Award, and Transnational Data Application Award.

Taiwan's GliaCloud, which won the Invincible Overlord Award, uses the unemployment rate of the Ministry of Labor, the employment service of Taichung City, and the employment opening data of Japan and South Korea, and uses its own developed AI technology to analyze and organize the data into the story context through virtual characters. Using voice to convey the meaning of information makes it easier for people to understand the trends of the job market in various countries.

After 6 years of data innovation and application in Asia, it has once again successfully promoted the application of open data in various countries, and promoted the exchange of data talents in various countries and promoted the cooperation of transnational data economy. This competition has become an internationally renowned data innovation competition, and in the future will also become a boost for Taiwan's cooperation with Asian countries to develop the data economy.

The winners of the 2020 Asian Data Innovation Application Challenge are as follows:

Invincible Overlord Award: GliaCloud (Taiwan), Smart Delivery (Japanese), Dbdbdeep (Korean)

Special Enterprise Award: Smart Delivery (Japan)

Multinational Popularity Award: Airtree Inc. (Taiwan), Pro-Tech studio (Taiwan), Smart logistics (Japan), Post it (Korea) Business Application Special Award: Taiwan Economic Journal Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), Houiimed (Taiwan) )

Multinational Data Application Award: Pro-Tech studio (Taiwan)

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